Career Coaching

Are you bored and feel stuck in your career?
Do feel like you are on a crossroad and do not know which way to go?
Do you feel like it is time for a change but you are not sure what you are good at, or what you love to do?

Business Coaching

Are you at a stage, where you have these questions running in your head?
I want to start my own business, how do I do that?
I am feeling stuck in the place where I am now, how do I move forward?

Life Coaching

What is troubling you?

Do you feel blocked, unmotivated  or maybe you are afraid of change?

    In which directioun would you like your life to go?


Step 1

Browse through the website and find what is right for you. 

Step 2

Choose the best package for you, that will help you achieve what you believe. Book a free intro session now!

Step 3

Final Wrap Up session free of charge to understand where you stand, what we have achieved together and what to do next


Hello, my name is Limba.

I’m an internationally certified Business and Career Coach, with a strong background in Human Resource Management, especially in Recruitment, dedicated to helping purpose-driven creative entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals and freelancers position, market and profit from their unique creative expertise, find their through calling, their dream job, and live a balanced and fulfilled life.

I am also the President of the Coaching Support Group in Skopje, a division of Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd, that is designed to support coaches but also introduce coaching to people and provide value.
I specialize in helping people just like you to overcome the obstacles keeping them from accomplishing their goals and dreams. Every successful goal, achievement, plan requires clear focus, burning motivation and effective action steps to reach the goal.

After 15 years of working with creative professionals in one form or another, I’ve built a business around what I love, and what I believe was my true purpose for being here and it was my calling.

Life happens to all of us, it is up to us what we make out of it, what we do when we fall, when we feel we are not on the right track, when we feel alone and not understood, when we need clarity, a helping hand to support us when we most need it.
My being and through calling is to be that helping hand for you in your career, business or any other aspect of your life you need help with.
I use different methods to assist you, that are tailor made and will bring the best from you.

Book a free session now and lets start your journey to success!!!


Limba Veselinovikj

What if you could boost your business or career in the next 90 days?

Do you think it is possible? Do you dare to try?


Limba went above and beyond to produce the best results. She was helping with career coaching, CV writing, LinkedIn, job market research and did a great job. She is friendly, empathetic, efficient, creative, responsible and comes up with the best ideas. 100% recommend!

Sabina Maksimenko - Entrepreneur, Project Manager, London, UK

Business coaching that Limba provided for me OPENED my eyes! The coaching sessions helped me boost my business and have clear insight about the steps I should take. I highly recommend!

Tatjana Dukic - NLP and Wingwave Coach, Founder of Indi Club, Belgrade, Serbia


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Коучинг Групата за поддршка Скопје/ #SkopjeCoachingSupportGroup ве кани на својата месечна средба.СТАРТ: 19:00 ч? Претходна регистрација е задолжителна:За предавачотЕлена Антоновска е сертифициран Професионален коуч на Ериксоновиот колеџ од Канада, тренер и сопственик на Ars Lucida – Coaching & Training.  Таа е Мастер на енергетско исцелување и Ментор за личен развој, при што листата на вештини…


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